Living on the Water
Living on the Water

Barkissimo's Adventure

Living on the Water


If you want to know all there is about our floating oasis, now is your chance. Captain Scott has chronicled the adventures of his time with the yacht Barkissimo in a new book, entitled, “Living on the Water.”


Written over a five year period and telling the story of the 18-plus year relationship of the man and his boat, Living on the Water is the true story of one man’s quest to fulfill his lifelong dream of doing something extraordinary by opening a floating restaurant, and the amazing accomplishments and trials he encountered along the journey.


When he came across a sinking trawler awaiting auction in a San Diego marina, Scott saw the opportunity to fulfill his dream, but acquiring the eighty-foot boat and bringing her to Mexico for a year-long restoration would be the first of many steps in achieving that goal. And opening the floating restaurant was just the beginning. An arsonist’s firebomb, a corrupt marina manager, a clash with a ring of child predators (and some help from Oprah), and a chance glimpse at a sign in Napa all changed the course of the Barkissimo during her journey of adventure.


In creating paradise, Scott found that even the best dreams are fraught with seemingly overwhelming challenges, and once realized, the maintenance of the dream often comes at great cost. Filled with adventure on the high seas, tales of life abroad, wonderful food and recipes, delicious romance, unimaginable tragedy, birth and death, Living on the water is a humorous and heartfelt love letter to the road less traveled.


As Scott Locker created this amazing floating oasis he encountered many surprises and joys, but mostly he found profound lessons about life, family, and attachment. He discovered how to hold on and how to let go and how to appreciate the smallest details of a richly lived life. In building his dream he built a family as well and eventually discovered that after all the struggle and joy, the shock and elation, what matters most is love.


Having attended both the University of Florida and Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, majoring in literature and writing, Scott Locker worked for more than ten years as a journalist for wire services and newspapers in California and Nevada, winning a dozen awards for his work.




Living on the Warer: A Celebration of Life, Dreams, and Good aboard a classic yacht
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