About Your Host, Scott Locker

My name is Scott Locker, and I’ll be your captain and tour guide on this wonderful adventure. I grew up around boats and the water, have worked as a journalist, ski instructor, life guard, intelligence analyst, spy, photographer, cook, chef, bartender, waiter, dish washer, restaurant manager, restaurant owner, boat builder, furniture maker, Bodhisattva, husband, lover, friend, ass, diver, ditch digger, and tramp, but through it all, I keep coming back to my passions of food, boats, and living on the water.

When I was a child of five, I got the idea of opening a fine dining restaurant on a boat, somewhere with great views and balmy breezes, where the guests would feel an amazing sense of satisfaction. I kept the idea and shaped my life to that end, and a few years ago I achieved my goal. After a couple of years operating my floating restaurant, someone burned it down and put me out of business. After a period of mourning, I decided to bring this amazing feeling of satisfaction to a more select group of guests and started by moving the yacht to the San Francisco Bay. 

In modifying my boat from a floating restaurant, I turned the main dining area into a beautiful salon and started doing food and wine related events, private parties, and music concerts. Now the vacation rental has opened, giving guests the opportunity to sleep on this amazing yacht and enjoy the unique ambiance and wonderful food.

So my lifetime of experiences and adventures has led to this. Along the way I learned a great deal about boats, food, life, and the soul, and that’s why I decided to share my cool, strange, and amazing experiences with you. 

I know this may all sound a bit heavy, so I temper my fight with huge doses of humor. My sense of humor is irreverent and silly and it sometimes gets me in trouble. Life is for laughing, and singing and dancing, so I partake wholeheartedly in those activities. We’re only here for a second so we should make the most of it.

Speaking of food: I’ll also write about this great passion of mine, and not only share many of my favorite recipes, but describe my philosophy of using local, sustainable, organic ingredients whenever possible. I’ll discuss how we can make responsible, conscience-driven choices of what and how we eat, as well as how food can connect people and enliven communities.

I’ll be sharing with you my insight on life, love, food, boats, and living on the water. It’s a unique combination and should prove to be very enjoyable, so follow along, share the adventure with me, give me some feedback, and welcome aboard! 

Smooth sailing!


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