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I am a caring person and a man of integrity, and always choose love over war, so that sets the table for my life. I like to take care of others, to help those in need. It all just sort of flows from my soul that way. I’m also big on gratitude. Being thankful for what I have, for what crosses my path. I used to take things for granted but now I see the complexity of all the relationships which brought me the stuff I have and I can’t help but be grateful to those who contributed to my well being. I’ll give you examples in my blogs of how I see the power of gratitude.

I try to live in the here and now, and open up to all that life sets in front of me. Opening in this way promotes love and loving, closing tends to do the opposite. I have become aware of the connection between all things, and feel the desire to help society make a course correction. It sometimes seems impossible to help create this kind of change for the world, but I feel that if I do my part and set an example for those I can influence, then anything is possible. There are many who feel the same as I do, and together we will affect the changes that will bring the world back on a sustainable and healthy course.

In food I have matured in the same manner. Not only have I grown conscious about the treatment of the animals I eat, I’ve also become aware of the importance of responsibility in all phases of my eating, from not buying produce that has been sprayed with chemicals, to using my dollars to support the growers and producers of sustainable foods that leave a small carbon footprint, and so on.

When I owned the floating restaurant Barkissimo, we served the best foods possible, using organic produce from a local, trusted source. I got it then, but now the importance and understanding of this way of life are much more compelling to me. Then, the grade of meat was important; now, the quality of life the animal had before its slaughter is incomparably more important. I can no longer rationalize or in any way justify eating the flesh of an animal who was tortured most of its life, when there are much more humane alternatives available.

My compassionate and caring nature drives me to deliver an exceptional experience to my guests aboard The Grand Lady, whether it be in our vacation rental accommodations, as part of a private event, or coming to one of our events, I will always strive to come as close to perfection in the experience as possible.

The Grand Lady and I have been through a lot together, and now we are preparing for a more relaxed and tranquil future, serving a select few who want to vacation on the water and enjoy some of the best food ever.

I’ll be sharing with you my insight on life, love, food, boats, and living on the water. It’s a unique combination and should prove to be very enjoyable, so come along, share the adventure with me, give some feedback, and welcome aboard!

-Scott Locker

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